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How to diagnose lathe faults in machine parts processing?

Precision parts processing and manufacturing is based on high precision mechanical parts as the processing object. Based on the theory and technology of systematization and integration, the organic combination and optimization of feeding, processing, testing and handling are realized according to the structure and requirement of the workpiece. How to diagnose the lathe failure in the machining of mechanical parts?

Maintenance personnel of machine parts processing lathe grasp the principle of first external and then internal, that is, when the machine breaks down, maintenance personnel should adopt the methods of looking, hearing, asking and so on, and inspect one by one from the outside to the inside.

Precision Machinery Parts Processing Equipment

Firstly, first static, then dynamic:

Maintenance personnel should first stop and then move, not blindly start. They should first inquire about the process and status of the faults of the machine parts processing operators. After checking the instructions and information, they can start to find out the causes of the faults, and then eliminate the faults.

2. Simplicity first and complexity later:

When there are many kinds of faults in machine tools of hardware processing factories, which are intertwined and covered up, and can not be started for a while, the easy problems should be solved first, and then the bigger ones. Often in the process of solving simple faults, difficult problems may also become easier, clear thinking, will become more difficult easier.

3. Machinery before electricity:

Because machine parts lathe processing is a kind of machine processing equipment with high automation and complex technology. Mechanical faults are easy to find, but system fault diagnosis is more difficult.

4. First for public use, then for special use:

The problem of public utility will affect the whole situation, while the problem of specificity will only affect the part.

Fifth, first general and then special:

When eliminating a fault, we should first consider the common possible causes, and then analyze the reasons that rarely happen.

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